Growth for Small Financial Companies

We created The Banc Funds to address the specific needs of small financial service companies.  It’s why we’ve become the leading investor in small, U.S.-based, financial service companies.  While these companies are the smallest participants in the industry, 180 degrees from the likes of Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs, they have the potential to grow and become larger, more successful corporations. We work with the management teams of these companies and give them the tools, the knowledge, and the independence to create success. We are the General Partners with the industry experience who help formulate business strategy, offer vital insights, provide needed capital, and improve their operations.


1. Unique Investment Profile

We identify undervalued companies where there are mispriced assets or the marketplace does not appreciate the companies franchise value.  We provide private capital by investing in privately held banks or in banks whose shares trade infrequently.  We often purchase blocks of bank stock directly from bank shareholders, employees, and directors – a valuable service for shareholders who would otherwise have limited liquidity options. And because we are principals, not intermediaries, we commit to the success of our banks for the long-term.

2. Providing More than Capital

The only industry in which we invest is Financial Services. Our knowledge and expertise is not only broad, but deep which allows us to respond quickly to a company's funding needs. While we cannot exercise control over a bank, and prefer not to be involved in day-to-day bank management or serve on corporate boards, our insights can help companies open the door to new opportunities or avoid critical missteps.  We have successfully advised our CEOs on strategic planning, capital planning, asset/liability management, and business mix.


Company Profile

Funds size: $2.5B

Industry focus: Subregional financial services

Investment geography: United States

Investment type: Minority (5.0-9.9%)

Investment size: Equity checks of $1M-$12M

Company size: $200M-$7B in assets

Company Type

Commercial banks

Savings banks in New England

Savings & loan associations

Regional investment banks

Regional stock brokerage companies

Specialty brokerage & finance