We Started with One Idea

As U.S. financial services began to deregulate in the 1980s, we perceived an opportunity to bring entrepreneurship, critical investment thought, and value-added operating ideas to an industry that had been in a business straightjacket since 1933. We recognized that there were thousands of small financial service companies with capable management teams who had been able to start building valuable business franchises, but which lacked a broader grasp of the changes which were about to engulf the industry.  With deregulation in 1985, these companies were allowed to build branches, make acquisitions, and enter new businesses for the first time. We recognized that we could help them grow and build more value. 


Very large companies have a wealth of resources at their disposal; smaller companies have much more limited means. We believed that we could bring capital, ideas, and strategy to these smaller organizations, and help them prosper. With the important contribution of limited partners who have provided that capital, we have succeeded in this mission. In addition to perceiving this opportunity, the other foundation of our success has been our unwavering commitment to being the best fiduciary to our investors. Every day that we are investing capital, we never lose sight of the partners for whom we are investing. We owe our partners the highest standard of duty.


Making a Difference

The Banc Funds is all about making a difference, whether it’s funding the goals of a small financial organization or the research that could lead to a life-changing cure for millions of people.

The biggest way in which we give back to communities all over the country is by funding the small financial companies that are the lifeblood of their local communities.  These banks with whom we partner often draw strength from the communities of which they are a part, but they also give back.  They make commercial loans and provide other financial services to some of the smallest businesses in the United States. This financing provides these local businesses with the needed resources to hire people and create the jobs that keep America employed. These small financial companies also play a big part in supporting their communities, funding nonprofit organizations, revitalizing community centers, or helping a community recover from the wake of a natural disaster. It is often the CEO of one of our companies who leads the rebuilding effort after a flood, tornado, or earthquake.  The Banc Funds is proud to be associated with such companies.


In addition to funding crucial community pillars around the country, we also give back more directly in our own community: